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...the fusion between the artist and the etcher, so essential in etching, enables Ms Judit Fontana Horváth to bring a holistic approach to her graphic work which transcends the actual drawing itself.
The result has an originality and modernity while the traditional art of etching is still maintained,
and this balance between her fresh, personal approach and her respect for the formal rules of this demanding technique bring to her art a contrasting harmony, giving the viewer the pure pleasure of observing a quality work of art...
prof. Fabio Favretto

...the world she dreamt about during her childhood is now brought to life in these beautiful etchings
where her expert technique is complemented by her immagination...
Mirella Schott Sbisà

...her main medium is etching and the professional skill she employs in incising the grooves - sometimes shallow, sometimes deep - produces a contrast which gives a new light to the images
she portrays. Her etchings illustrate the art of expert, precise draughtsmanship...
Katja Gori

...her work presents the delicacy of the poetic world - with subjects embracing portraits, landscapes, flora and fauna - and this, together with her refined technique, enables her to enhance the fluid,
clean lines with the use of hand printing methods.
The fascination of her work lies in the use of few, vital lines to epitomise the subject, at the same time exploiting her perfect compositional skill and juxtapositioning the chiaroscuro and the empty-full effects
of her inking technique. Ms Judit Fontana Horváth is well aware of the repetitive nature of etching, but she has continued to experiment with new ideas to obtain a freshness and originality of an 'individual' print that bears her unmistakable hallmark. Her use of color - black, blue, sepia - and positive and negative relief also contribute to producing outstanding results...
Claudio H. Martelli